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A 5-week interactive online course to explore the different temperaments in your home, as well as practical tips on what each one needs to thrive.

Why do my kids respond differently to my parenting?

Why do I gel better with one child than the other?

How do I build character in my child to raise them towards mature, content, respectful, reliable adults?

In this 5-week interactive course, we will explore the answers together.

Each week there will be a pre-recorded video to explain the topic. And then also a live 60 minute Zoom-session for discussion and questions. The Zoom-sessions will be recorded, and available afterwards, because, you know, life happens…


Outline of the course:
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Parenthood – unpacking your own experience
Session 3: Temperaments – characteristics of each temperament
Session 4: Temperaments – harnessing your child’s temperament to support them to thrive
Session 5: Parenting from your own temperament
Session 6: Conclusion

Each session will have a worksheet to download beforehand if you prefer taking notes (I know what temperament you are 😉). Obviously, this is not compulsory and you can just join us for the live chats (And yes, if this appeals to you, I also know what temperament you are! 😊).

Added bonus: the option to join a closed Facebook group. I will be available in the group for any questions arising in between sessions. And then the added opportunity of support from the other amazing mums on the same journey as you. 

After completing this course, you will have a clear long-term parenting plan. This will be based on an understanding of the different temperaments in your family, including yourself, and how to communicate with each one. You will receive lots of easy-to-remember tips and tools on how to support each person in your household to grow into mature, content, respectful, reliable adults full of character and integrity. 

Where did it all start?

I always had a strong personality. I always had strong opinions. (mind you, I still do, I just manage my tongue better these days). I always loved organising people. And if there is not a strong enough (in my opinion) leader, I will naturally take over and get things done!

As a child, I was often in trouble for not being respectful enough, quiet enough, small enough. And yes, sometimes I still didn’t go down without a fight. I knew I was a fighter, and struggled with self-acceptance. 

And then, one day in 2000, I discovered a small, inconspicuous book on temperaments in my local library. And for the first time in my life, I could ‘label’ my ‘condition’. I was normal. Well, as normal as 25% of our society. I just had a specific temperament.

This was my first step of a 20-year self-discovery that has led me to like myself, and even love myself on some days. That was the start of a deeper understanding of who I was, and why I act the way I do. Yes, I had to work really hard to polish my rough edges and smooth over my strong, and opinionated, personality.

Being the bold project manager that I am, I started sharing this information with friends and family, always learning, observing, asking questions, contemplating, explaining. And reading, reading, reading.

When my own girls were born, I was fascinated how they already showed their own temperaments right from birth. They became my favourite project to manage. And now, with my girls not so little anymore, I had capacity for another project.

And Tame Your Zoo was born.

A parenting collective of my experience and research over 12 years as a parent, but 20 years on the journey. A deeper understanding that we can’t change who we are, but we can fine-tune and polish our temperaments to be content, respectful, responsible, reliable, mature, loving and caring people, making the world a better place for those around us.

Do you want a soft and gentle approach? An affirmation of parenting like those cheesy 1980s TV-ads where the people run in slow motion through the canola fields? Then this might not be for you. This parenting course is full of fun and laughter, properly researched facts, practical parenting tips and tools, sometimes calling a spade a spade.

But I can promise you this, it will be unforgettable!

If you are excited to learn more, get on the waiting list for this course now!

The launch rate will be
$297 (AUD)
for this round only.

You will have lifetime access to all the lesson updates, so you can revisit this information time and time again as your kiddies grow older. This way you can refresh your long-term parenting plan, without having to pay for the course ever again.

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