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Who's Who in my Zoo?

A short 6-part video series to learn more about the different temperaments in your home.

To tell you the truth, many people I talk to have never heard of the different temperaments in order to understand their loved ones. Once I start telling them about this, they are highly fascinated and intrigued. So, I decided to record an introduction to the different temperaments to explain it in simple terms. Now you can go through this information at your own leisure for cheaper than a lunch date with your girlfriends. 

So, what's included?

This is a pre-recorded 6-part video series. Each clip is around 8 minutes long. Just enough time to watch one session drinking that lukewarm coffee while hiding from the kids.

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Monkey Temperament
Session 3: Lion Temperament
Session 4: Meerkat Temperament
Session 5: Koala Temperament
Session 6: Conclusion

After watching this, you will have a much clearer understanding of why your kids do what they do. You will also be able to improve your communication with each one, as you will know the basic strengths and weaknesses. A few parenting tips are included so you can start implementing this newfound knowledge straight-away.

Tame Your Zoo | Parenting courses

Price $27 (AUD)

Tame Your Zoo | Choleric Temperament

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