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Personalised Zookeeper Training

Five personalised sessions of one-on-one coaching on childhood temperaments, parenting temperaments and the dynamics in your own family

Do you want a custom-made parenting discussion on temperaments?

Don’t want to wait for the next round of the online course?

Don’t want to be part of a group?

Do you want exclusive access to me?

Tame Your Zoo | Parenting courses

How does this work?

In this five-part customised course, we will explore the combination of your zoo and work on a long-term parenting strategy with easy-to-implement practical tips and tools.  

Each session will be conducted on Zoom for 60 min each. It will also be recorded, so you can watch it again if needed.

And you can decide the pace of the sessions – daily for a week, weekly, fortnightly, whatever suites your schedule and needs.

As this is a customised option, there will be no set layout, but rather be built to suite your personal needs.

However, I normally cover the following topics:
Motherhood (or Fatherhood)
All the different temperaments in your family
The strengths, weaknesses, needs and fears of each temperament
The different love languages
Boundary issues and needs
Your own personal parenting style and
How that impacts on your children

You will walk away with a clear long-term parenting strategy. This will be based on an understanding of the different temperaments in your family, including yourself, and how to communicate effectively with each one. We will discuss lots of easy-to-remember tips and tools on how to support each person in your household to grow into mature, content, respectful, reliable adults full of character and integrity. 

Not a very patient person? Not willing to wait for the next course? I understand that full well, I’m not known for my patience either. If I get excited about something, I want the information and I want it NOW! And here you can have it at a pace that suites you.

Short on time and only want the info applicable to your zoo? Well, here is an amazing opportunity for a customised, no-frills, only-what-I-need-to-know in one-on-one sessions with me. Here you can ask me anything you want (temperament and parenting related off course) and we will explore the specific answers you are after together.

Not a group hugger? That’s OK. Many parents don’t want to openly discuss their children, parenting styles and especially their challenges in an open forum. But they still want to invest in their parenting and communicate effectively with their kiddies. So, this provides the ideal opportunity to pick my brain in a structured way on all you need to know about childhood temperaments. 

I love one-on-one coaching, as you can customise each family’s needs and see results fairly quickly, often just by understanding the different temperaments and dynamics that makes up your specific family. 

Do you want exclusive access to me?

So? What is included in this package?

5 Zoom-sessions with me

All sessions will be recorded and you will receive the link to recap if needed

Personalised notes on the different temperaments and dynamics of your specific family

Opportunity to ask me all you want to know about childhood temperaments in
a safe and private space

Price $749 (AUD).

Would you like to meet me in person first? Just to check if we are the right fit?

That is quite understandable, as this is a very personal investment in your family.

Book a 15-minute Zoom chat here.

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