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In my opinion, teachers are the unsung heroes in our society. People who sacrifice their time, energy and sometimes even their family time, to educate and inspire the next generation.  We should be much more supportive of the great work they are doing.

Tame Your Zoo | Phlegmatic Temperament

The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.

~ Sionil Jose

So many parents expressed the need that educators and other care workers also understand these different temperaments, as they appreciate that they also play a vital role in coming alongside them as parents to successfully raise that child.

Therefore, I decided to conduct workshops for teachers to also understand the different temperaments and how that impacts the dynamics in the home and class. This will bring insight into how different temperaments learn, absorb and process information and how to communicate effectively with each type. The workshop is a condensed version of all the years of research I’ve done, neatly packaged in an easy-to-absorb way, saving you time, money and energy sifting through resources yourself.

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Riki Deale | Tame your zoo | Parenting workshops

5-hour Workshop

An overview of the four different temperaments and practical tips on how to engage with them.

Riki Deale | Tame your zoo | Parenting workshops

3-hour Workshop

An introduction on the four different temperaments and some practical tips on how to engage with them.

Riki Deale | Tame your zoo | Parenting workshops

1-hour Information session

A very quick introduction on the different temperaments, or a discussion on temperaments and a specific topic e.g. learning, stress, boundaries, emotions, friendships, communication.

Tame Your Zoo | Parenting courses
Riki is a world of wisdom, knowledge and experience. She has done the hard yards of studying hundreds of books, listening to many courses, discussions, and other people’s life experiences. Her course provides backed up research, practical tips and tools, all in one engaging full day course. An expert in parenting with two wonderful kids to back it up. She is my parent warrior.
Marelize Roets
Tame Your Zoo | Sanguine Temperament
Tame Your Zoo | Melancholic Temperament
Riki’s inquisitiveness and thoroughness means her courses are well-researched with credible references from a wide spectrum of (sometimes differing) viewpoints, ensuring balanced and unbiased content. Her practical advice and coaching have not only given me the confidence to make better choices about my own parenting, but also about dealing with people in general. It’s helped me understand myself, my partner and my children better, bringing us closer together as a family. It takes a village to raise a child and I’m grateful to have Riki in my village.
Alicia Lamont

Wonder why I decided to use animals as examples?

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