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Christmas at the zoo

The media portrays Christmas as a time for festivities, fun, lights and lots of gifts.

But not all temperaments feel that way.
The Monkeys love Christmas, the Lions will see it as a project to manage. Your Meerkat might feel overwhelmed and nervous, and the Koala just wants to put up his feet...

baby crawling | Parenting moments

When was the last time you watched home videos as a family?

Even though my intention was to have a trip down memory lane with the girls, the added benefit was that they now have a much better understanding and appreciation for what we do for them as parents.

different emotions

How to teach your child emotional intelligence

We have to be able to express our own emotional feelings and needs, but also be able to recognise emotional cues from those around us. Just like it takes our bodies 20 years or so to reach maturity, emotional intelligence also needs time to grow.

Father's day blog photo

5 Ways to show Dad you love him

In today’s world of feminism and equal rights, dads might feel that they are not essential anymore. But dads are still as important as ever to raise stronger kids!

Happy Family

7 Reasons to do a parenting course

Why do people not want to do a parenting course? To be honest, I don’t know. I mean, we are quite happy to do professional development to advance our careers... Yet we often parent on the fly. Why?

Can I change my Temperament

Can I change my temperament?

Short Answer: No. Longer answer: But we can all adjust to our circumstances. This is probably the age-old ‘nature vs nurture’ question. The ‘genes vs environment’. Are we who we are because we were born this way?

Tame Your Zoo | Parenting courses

A bus load of party animals

What if you could load up a whole zoo on a party bus? What do you think it will look like? What animals will you choose to join the party?

Childhood memories

What my city girl with the rural heart taught me

With this recent semi-lockdown, I realised yet again how connected to nature we actually are. I can see why mental health issues are an increasing problem if people are locked up in an urban environment for too long...

Tame Your Zoo | Child temperament courses

Why a zoo?

Why do I use animals to discuss childhood temperaments? No, I’m not calling your child a wild animal (but no judgement if you do, though). I could’ve chosen colours, numbers, shapes or letters of the alphabet, but...

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