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Chief Zookeeper and
Child Temperament Whisperer

I train other zookeepers, AKA parents, to understand what type of zoo animals they have in their homes, according to the different temperaments.

About Me

I love animals. I even have a zoology degree to prove it. 

I was ready to save each and every species from extinction single-handedly.

… and then I had a baby.

My whole world changed forever. I found something I love even more than animals:

being a mum.

But how would we raise this cute-as-a-button tiny human being into a mature and responsible member of society?


Desperate to be that Pinterest-perfect-parent, I searched high and low. I read some amazing books on parenting, and some horrendous never-should’ve-been-published GARBAGE parenting books.

(Seriously, some people should be banned from giving advice).

And then…

I found the ancient wisdom of understanding people according to their different temperament types and studied how it applies to our children and parenting.

Thanks Hippocrates!

Even in our modern world, the original theory of the four temperaments still holds true.

Over the past decade, I’ve helped numerous families to create harmony and peace in their homes, just by explaining the different temperaments and how each one operates.

So, is my home-zoo Pinterest-perfect? Heck, no! But I don’t care about being perfect anymore. As long as my kiddies feel safe, loved, heard and respected, in a space where they can grow into mature adults, we are all OK!

Tame Your Zoo | Choleric Temperament
I always laugh out loud at Riki's funny stories, and her practical advice and original ideas on how to handle certain parenting challenges has been life changing for me and my family
Christine M
Mum of boys

Just in case you need a professional bio too, here it is...

Riki is a proud Afrossie (South African Aussie), wife and mother of two. She worked as an Environmental Consultant in the oil-and-gas and mining industry until her life changed forever when they laid that baby girl on her chest.

Making a U-turn from a career woman to a mom was the most rewarding experience ever. She wanted to raise her girls to be strong, confident women, but also have integrity, character and compassion.

Lots of research on parenting followed, building on her fascination and knowledge of different temperaments, and how that fits into families, cultures and parenting styles.

Riki is a registered Temperament Profiler with DISC Profiler Australia, but it is the 12 years of parenting, research, experience and counselling that really makes her a wealth of knowledge on temperaments in families.

Riki is a dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer, focusing her workshops and talks on the different temperaments to help parents understand, enjoy and raise their children to become strong and confident members of society.

Tame your zoo | Parenting classes

So, that degree in Zoology still comes in handy, as she can definitely help you tame your zoo too!

Do you need a practical plan?

Tools that can be implemented immediately?

Clear instructions on how to communicate with your child?

Certified Disc Profiler


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