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Kids don’t come with manuals

but if you know their
you don’t need one

Imagine knowing and understanding your child’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and fears.

And then how to adjust your parenting to give them the best possible start in life.

Imagine working with a practical parenting plan to raise your cubs and joeys into content, mature and responsible adults

all while keeping your marbles in the process.

How to Discover Your Zoo

Below are 3 options to discover the temperaments in your family, ranging from a quick introduction to a custom-made in-depth discussion on your family’s particular needs. 

Tame Your Zoo | Sanguine Temperament

Who's Who in my Zoo?

A short 6-part video series to learn more about the different temperaments in your home.

Tame Your Zoo | Melancholic Temperament

Zookeeper Training 101

A 5-week interactive online course to explore the different temperaments in your home, as well as practical tips on what each one needs to thrive.

Tame Your Zoo | Phlegmatic Temperament

Personalised Zookeeper Training

Five personalised sessions of one-on-one coaching on childhood temperaments, parenting temperaments and the dynamics in your own family.

Tame Your Zoo | Parenting courses

Some kiddies are just happy-go-lucky people, looking for fun and dodging responsibility. 

Others want as much information as possible, and then just a little bit more, before they can even get started.


Each one of your children was born with a specific temperament
(just like you), and nothing will ever change that.

This impacts how they experience and engage with the world around them. Tame Your Zoo can help you understand your child’s temperament and use this knowledge to communicate more effectively with everyone in your household to create more harmony in your family, while developing children into mature adults with character, integrity and respect.

Tame Your Zoo | Choleric Temperament

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

~ Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

Hippocrates had formulated the theory of different temperaments in people by as early as 400BC.  Yet, these ideas still ring true today. Why?

Because people are still… well, people!

But how do you know what is best for your child? By knowing your child’s temperament (and um-uhm, your own temperament too) you can understand why some forms of communication just doesn’t work for some kids, while other methods work brilliantly.

Tame Your Zoo | Riki Deale
What an insightful program! Riki presents it in easy to understand terms (which I need, and then some!), with on point suggestions and options on how to better understand your children. I am a fan, I am a major fan. Thank you Riki for taking us through it
Lisa V
Mum of 2
Tame Your Zoo | Sanguine Temperament

What will you gain by understanding your child's temperament?

  • More joy, peace and harmony
  • More time and energy to focus on what is really important in life
  • Creating a safe and peaceful environment for the whole family
  • Enjoy each other as a family, building lasting family memories
  • Less frustration and miscommunication
  • Less stress
  • Actually like and enjoy your kids
  • Raising kids into happy and content humans
  • Contributing mature members to society
  • Not having a 35-year-old dependent child under your roof, so you can go on that amazing trip-around-the-world.
Tame Your Zoo | Phlegmatic Temperament

Over the past decade, I’ve trained numerous zookeepers, AKA parents, to raise children with character and integrity in a fun way. How? Through understanding each family member’s specific temperament and how to maximise each one’s full potential.

I feel that Riki’s parenting coaching has strengthened my bond with my kids. She had advice for issues I was struggling with at the time, but also prepared me for future parenting decisions. I am forever grateful for her help.
Carmen M
Mum of 2

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Some kids absolutely love school and will jump out of the car, hopping and skipping to school each day. Others take a much longer time to not only settle in, but also getting ready (and motivated) each morning. If we look at (and know) the different temperaments, it all makes sense.


The media portrays Christmas as a time for festivities, fun, lights and lots of gifts.

But not all temperaments feel that way.
The Monkeys love Christmas, the Lions will see it as a project to manage. Your Meerkat might feel overwhelmed and nervous, and the Koala just wants to put up his feet…

Even though my intention was to have a trip down memory lane with the girls, the added benefit was that they now have a much better understanding and appreciation for what we do for them as parents…

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