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Monkey Tame Your Zoo
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…but if you knew your kids’ temperaments
you wouldn’t need a manual

Imagine knowing and understanding your child’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and fears. And then how to adjust your parenting to give them the best possible start in life.

Imagine working with a practical parenting plan to raise your cubs and joeys into content, mature and responsible adults
all while keeping your marbles in the process.


Parents … discover your own temperament first

We are all unique individuals and don’t fit neatly into one box. We are all a combination of the different temperaments, however, often one will be dominant. I suggest you get to know all the different temperaments for a more holistic understanding of your own temperament.

Our 21-question quiz will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. When you are done, get your partner to complete the quiz too. This might lead to some interesting discoveries and conversations.

What is a temperament?

A temperament is the innate traits you are born with. And you can’t change that. This will always determine certain traits in a person, e.g. extrovert or introvert, prefers tasks over people or people over tasks, an optimistic or pessimistic worldview, focused on details or rather the big picture, just to name a few.

As we grow up, we are influenced by our experiences, culture and upbringing, but our temperament will often determine how we respond behaviourally and emotionally towards other people and events.

Whatever stage you are in your parenting journey, I can help you to understand why your child:

  • is so sensitive
  • always wants to be in control
  • easily worries over the littlest thing
  • is easily frustrated and angry
  • is a fussy eater
  • talks non-stop
  • cry to avoid doing what you asked them
  • is slow to do homework.

Discover your temperaments with our free quizzes!

Some kiddies are just happy-go-lucky people, looking for fun and dodging responsibility. Others want as much information as possible, and then just a little bit more, before they can even get started.


Each one of your children was born with a specific temperament (just like you), and nothing will ever change that.

This impacts how they experience and engage with the world around them. I can help you understand your child’s temperament and use this knowledge to communicate more effectively with everyone in your household to create more harmony in your family, while developing children into mature adults with character, integrity and respect.

'Discover Your Zoo' Courses

Who's who in my Zoo Course by Tame your Zoo

Who's Who in My Zoo?

A short 6-part video series to learn more about the different temperaments in your home and how to live more harmoniously with each other

Zookeeper Group Training Course by Tame your Zoo

Zookeeper Group Training

A 7-week interactive online course to explore the different temperaments in your home, as well as practical tips on what each one needs to thrive

Personalised Zookeeper Training by Tame your Zoo

Personalised Zookeeper Training

Personalised 7 one-on-one coaching sessions on childhood temperaments, parenting temperaments and the dynamics in your own family

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

~ Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

Hippocrates had formulated the theory of different temperaments in people by as early as 400BC.
Yet, these ideas still ring true today.


Because people are still… well, people!

But how do you know what is best for your child? By knowing your child’s temperament (and um-uhm, your own temperament too) you can understand why some forms of communication just doesn’t work for some kids, while other methods work brilliantly.

What will you gain by understanding
your child's temperament?

Short term benefits

  • More joy, peace and harmony
  • More time and energy to focus on what is really important in life
  • Creating a safe and peaceful environment for the whole family
  • Enjoy each other as a family, building lasting family memories
  • Less frustration and miscommunication
  • Less stress

Long term benefits

  • Actually like and enjoy your kids
  • Raising kids into happy and content humans
  • Contributing mature members to society
  • Not having a 35-year-old dependent child under your roof, so you can go on that amazing trip-around-the-world.

Over the past decade, I’ve trained numerous zookeepers, AKA parents, to raise children with character and integrity in a fun way. How? Through understanding each family member’s specific temperament and how to maximise each one’s full potential.

What others have to say

I feel that Riki’s parenting coaching has strengthened my bond with my kids. She had advice for issues I was struggling with at the time, but also prepared me for future parenting decisions. I am forever grateful for her help.
Carmen M

Mum of 2

What an insightful program! Riki presents it in easy to understand terms (which I need, and then some!), with on point suggestions and options on how to better understand your children. I am a fan, I am a major fan. Thank you Riki for taking us through it
Lisa V

Mum of 2

Riki Founder of Tame your Zoo

Hi, I’m Riki Deale

Founder of Tame your Zoo
Chief Zookeeper
Parenting Coach

I train other zookeepers, AKA parents, to understand what type of zoo animals they have in their homes, according to the different temperaments.

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